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The business man we need, the neighbor we trust.

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Putting the needs of our community first

Prioritizing public saftey

As a father and husband, Tom’s first priority is keeping his family safe. Tom believes as our community grows, the support for our law enforcement should grow with it. We must ensure our city provides the resources necessary for our men and women in blue to keep our families safe from violent crime. 

Improved Infrastructure

As our community grows, the need for better roads and infrastructure becomes more apparent. Tom has already provided the city with a comprehensive parking expansion plan that will ensure parking downtown is easy, accessible, and affordable. As your next city councilman, Tom will put this plan into action.

lower Property taxes

Just like you, Tom and his family have felt the impact of increased property taxes. High property tax rates stifle growth and place an undue burden on families.  As your next city councilman, Tom will work to reduce the tax rate and provide an environment where business and families can thrive. 

Government Transparency

A government’s first responsibility is to serve its constituents. Tom knows you work hard to provide for your family and city hall should work just as hard to be good stewards of your tax dollars. As your next city councilman, Tom will use his experience as a business owner to balance the budget and provide the city with detailed plans for growth executed ethically and practically. 



Change starts with you

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Experienced, Qualified

Tom spent his career in petroleum land management, helping to grow  the industry that powers America. Tom believes in Texas energy  independence and understands how vital it is to the Texas economy  and the economies of our communities across Texas to support oil  and gas workers. In 2001, Tom bought The Pantry Restaurant and 
the historic Hope Hardware Building. Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit made him excited to join the restaurant industry and he enjoyed all of  the customers he served and the people he met on that journey.


Before running for City Council, Tom got involved on a personal level  with our local government system. In 2016, Tom wrote and presented a comprehensive parking plan for Downtown McKinney to the  McKinney City Council. Tom’s suggestions led the McKinney City Council to create a Parking Committee that resulted in the creation of 
two surface parking lots downtown. Tom has also organized 
downtown business owners to push our City Council to make greater improvements to parking downtown.


Tom is running for McKinney City Council to improve our city for generations to come. Tom understands that our city needs a bold vision to move forward, and a vision that is grounded in sound business principles. As a career businessman, Tom understands how to run our city government more effectively and efficiently, providing better services to every McKinney resident.


Tom is married to his amazing wife, Cleo Meredith. Tom and Cleo have been married for over 25 years and have one daughter, Allison. They believe in supporting McKinney. Tom has spent his career volunteering with local organizations that give back to McKinney. Tom served on the McKinney Main Street Board and previously served as vice chairman of the board. Tom is also a certified Toastmaster.


The Meredith’s attend First Methodist of McKinney. Tom holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Science in operations research from the University of Texas at Dallas. Tom is also an alumnus of the Colorado School of Mines.



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